Saturday, August 25, 2012

5 Things You Shouldn’t Miss in Boracay

A trip to Boracay has capped my obsession in the Philippines. Throw away the infrastructure problems of the Philippines, just refer to the adventures that our country will give you. The challenging airport and the flying meters of the drivers will not spoil your trip here. I wanted to list 5 things that you should not miss when you go to Boracay because it will just make or break your trip. I didn’t try everything but aside from the experiences that the trip gave me, it is about the place that would stick to my mind forever.

1. The Sand

The long beach is made of the finest sand. It is not a joke comparing the sand of Boracay to any powdery materials even a talc powder, as your feet will feel the greatness of the sand. Try to roll around like a dog and you will experience heaven (I am not kidding).

2. The Sunset

Boracay is not known only because of the beach but also, by the picturesque sunset. It is the perfect time to dream about your future, talk to yourself and act like a cray cray. A magnetic view of the sunset to tell us that time is so precious and we have to take care of it big time.

3. The Party

And yes, you read it right. The party in Boracay is incomparable. 2 things; first, you don’t need to cover yourself with shining clothes that you bought in PRP and ladies do not need to wear the killer shoes – dress to impress is on the least side of the list. Second, the united colors of Benetton; all walks of life and kind are in the party. Of course, the prostitutes still exist in the island, lingering like cockroaches and offering their God given body.

4. The Activities

Aside from the infamous helmet diving, you have the wide range of options to choose from. The killer flyfish, the adventure of ATV, the high-spirited parasailing, the sloth parawsailing, the never ending diving and island hopping to the biggest banana, Boracay will not be a bummer for you.

5. The Food

I miss being a food blogger. The sumptuous feast of seafood and the wide variant of food that will surely lure your palette is surely a goal when you visit Boracay. The best thing about Boracay is you have the option to go back to the usual food like the fattening burgers to my favorite pizzas. But nothing will beat the gastronomic style of Boracay.

Boracay is still the world renowned beach that the Philippines can offer. Aside from these 5 things, Boracay has more to offer. I just written the first most important things you should not miss when you visit it first time.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Magalawa Island - The Starfish Island (Revisited)

Like any other places around the Philippines, Zambales truly deserves the spot on the most frequent places that ManileƱos are visiting every summer. It was a quick decision to revisit this place but because I have somebody who never been around the Philippines and Zambales is a great way to start appreciating what Philippines has to offer.

Before I strutting my legs around the beaches of Anawangin or Puerto Galera, I was first mesmerized by the beauty of Magalawa Island in Zambales. It is also the day I realized that I should create a travel blog. And that is another reason why I need to return it that place.

The Magalawa Island is located in Palauig Zambales, 5-6 hours travel from Manila. Aside from the long hours of travel, the one thing I most concerned about is the sand fleas lurking around the beaches. The pain it gave to me for the whole month and the scars that still linger to my body. However, it will not be a reason why I should not go back to this beautiful place.

To start the travel, I woke up 3 AM in the morning to catch the first bus going to Sta. Cruz, Zambales. Failed. No bus available because it is Good Friday. So, again chose to ride a bus going to Olonggapo then, ride again going to Palauig (same with my first experience). A lot of expectations were actually lurking into my mind. The place should be more tourists friendly and food should be the same.

Stayed in Armada Resort again care of the ever gracious Ate Grace, contact numbers are written below. When we were already in Barangay Pangolinan to be picked up by boat, I see that the place improved in terms of cleanliness. Uh, a great start. So, 10 minutes travel by boat and we reached the Magalawa Island. Same beauty of the island, same people and same warmth I felt.

It is more developed and more tourists friendly, a lot of additional cottages even air-conditioned rooms. and manageable number of people even it was holiday.

Three reasons why I will go back again in Magalawa:

Food – the sumptuous feast of sea food awaits you in Magalawa. The freshness of the fish and other food that they provide cooked by the best cook in town, Nanay Auring of course. However, because of the allergies, I failed to eat all of them. Thus, Nanay Auring still proves that she still the reigning iron chef in Magalawa.

The Activities – no need to worry about the activities because it is already provided in the package deal you will make to Ate Grace. Snorkelling with gears, bamboo rafting and island hopping – truly that great way to spend you holidays.

bamboo rafting

The Beach – white sandy beach of Magalawa will never fail to amaze you.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A great start to tour around the Ph - Zambales

Zambales is located at the western shore of central Luzon and shares a common frontier with Pangasinan and Bataan and it is the second largest among the seven provinces of central Luzon. There are three languages that Zambales is using, the Sambal, Tagalog and Ilocano.

It is not an easy journey for those who are coming from Manila because it will eat most of your vacation time especially for those who are working who can’t afford to sit pretty in the bus. However, Zambales has so many things to offer.

How to get to Zambales in general

There are lots of bus companies that offer rides going to any point of Zambales.  You can just type to google to know the schedules of these bus companies. You can also enjoy a joy ride going to Zambales, where you can pass several cities before going to Zambales.

Suggested Places to Visit:

Magalawa Island - The Starfish Island (Revisited)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Erratic Changes

After months of waiting, finally I can say that I have the time to blog. Actually, I have a lot of things to blog about however, because of technical issues about the so-called domain, I failed to update it from time to time. To tell you honestly, I understand a little technical terms in parking, pointing, or whatever the blogger to a custom domain.

I have successfully parked this to .com before but for some reasons it went blank so I decided to just bare with blogspot while waiting for answers. Several months passed and I still don’t know what is happening to my domain and to my blog (to my life too). I consulted a friend who is knowledgeable about this issues and he had a hard time sorting the issue out because of his schedule. So, nothing would fix this except me.

And here it goes:

After reading several articles online about parking my domain, I didn’t understand a single thing. I modified my account in my host and nothing happened. Hence, I spotted a task bar in the homepage of my host “support” or “do not click me, I might solve your problems”. I am really tired of talking to customer relation people because of certain experience that I know what are they doing and what are they up to. SO there is also another link, the chat support service. At first, I didn’t know how to explain it because of the limited vocabulary of technical terms in my brain. But because I have special powers, they understand what I am talking about. After that, the required 1-12 hours waiting was on the line again. After 12 hours, nothing happened. So logged in again, clicked the chat support service and routed to another support specialist. Verified my account, spoke about the issue and again wait for the required hours. Another 12 hours, nothing happened. So verified my account again, spoke about issue again and again. As per the support specialist, it’s not with their scope and I should contact the blogger regarding the issue because my site is already parked and routed on their side. Sent a report to blogger and asked what do I need to do, received a long reply and I didn’t understand a single word (except articles of course). Next, a brilliant idea came to my mind that I should forward the email to the support specialist of my host so, yada, yada, yada. It is now fixed and the main concern according to the specialist is connected with the CNAME and something about the google.

Officially, is now a .com site. Fulfilled to see the blog hanging in blogosphere with naked name, cheers to that!

I just wanted to thank a lot of people for making it possible:

My host for never ending asking for verification and for asking me the issue again and again but for me, they fixed it (period)

Blogger for running a test and trying to figure out the cause of “not pointing out”.

For my friends, allowing me to be the sole owner of the site.

For my readers, if there’s any.

Ok. I’ll mark this day as the official launching of my new/old travel blog.

Hope to meet you on the road!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Confessions at Our Lady of MonteMaria

I am a firm believer of God but a big disappointment because I failed to offer my Sundays to the Lord. And of course, this will be about a church again. I will never get tired of blogging the churches here in the Philippines; it is like pambawi in some ways.

The church of Our Lady of Monte Maria is located again near in Tagaytay, Cavite, to be exact in Barangay Amuyong, Alfonso, Cavite. This is the second time I went to Alfonso but with a different purpose. The first time I am in Alfonso, Cavite was to visit my friend living there. And now, to explore a little bit about the place.

Wishing Well
The place is so relaxing and a great place in admitting your sins, yes, confessions. The church was named for MonteMaria who is the Mary Mother of the poor. In addition to that, the church is like an instrument for healing a lot of believers and granting wishes for everyone. As people continue to pray for MonteMaria, they experienced divine intervention that they are looking for and that is one of the reasons why several people are attending mass here.

 I am still awe to catholic who are continuing and never forgetting to serve that Lord even their schedule won’t allow them to do. Like in this place that is so surreal and a great place to realize life. Also, the silence of the whole area constitutes that the Lord can hear you and nothing will destruct you from praying.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

We are protected by an angel - Angel's Hill

St. Michael

If you believe that God exists, angels will follow. A soldier of God and our protector, angels have been worldwide known as a great assistance of God. Yes, God can do it alone. Thus, Angels are just the bearer of our faith (even Lucifer once an angel).

After visiting the Pink Sisters in Tagaytay, you must not forget that there are still existing churches around the area and Angel’s Hill is one of them. Angel’s Hill is famous for retreats and reflections. The serenity of place is one of the reasons why it is the best place to conduct recoiling to the Lord.  They have very spacious function halls, gardens and chapel that can be use in spiritual activities.

When I visited the church, I think this year will be the best time of yearning. God has been so gracious to us. It is not what church can offer but it is on how we maximize our stay in the house of God.

Truly, a visit to Angel’s Hill can change your view about life. Angels still exist and so do God.

Where is it? Beside Pink Sisters.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Pink Sisters - We can be closer to God

It is by faith and by faith alone than one can move the mountains. I am not a catholic but I just loved the way the nuns and other servants of God devoted their lives into the Lord.

Pink Sisters Chapel  or The Adoration Chapel of the Pink Sisters is a must visit in Tagaytay (even you are not catholic). Hundreds of nun and other servants of God are usually entering this church, one the reasons why it is so well-known.  As far as I know, it is Pink Sisters because of the femininity around the chapel (of course the nuns), they lead the prayers 24 hours and 7 days a week. Like the other churches, it has been a holy land to most catholic around the area even others.

Things I like about the place is you can find silence in your prayers and the motivational attraction of nuns praying non-stop. People are usually there with a baggage of prayers and high hopes of the “answered prayers”.  As you can see in the pictures, SILENCE must be observed in the church.

Of all the church I visited, I must say that pink sister is one of the churches that has the strong foundation. It is like a small community with peace and harmony. It is also a great area to have a one-on-one talk to God.
There is also a heavenly set up of the church where you can see nature has been added to accentuate the church. Of course, it will also depend on the number of people in the convent – less people, more peaceful.
They are also selling a lot of delicacies like buko pies and cookies. You can actually grab a snack on your way home to just seize the event the you went to church.

We should not forget the church exists to develop fellowship with one another and a venue of praises and worships. If you are just around the area of Tagaytay be sure to visit this one of a kind church. IT will surely capped your trip.